Historic 1800s Steam Engines

Witness two operational stationary steam engines inside our magnificent Victorian Pumphouse building. Our friendly guides will be available to provide you with information and answer your questions. Entry to the Pumphouse Museum is by donation.

Sanjex Seratti presents Vintage Wonders & Entertainment

Marvel at the various vintage wonders and games that Sanjex Seratti will be presenting. This is a great hands-on activity for all ages. He may have curiosities never before seen!

Crew of the Airship Sirius presents Tea & Parasol Duels

Participation is encouraged when the Crew present tea and parasol duels.

– The rules of tea duelling are relatively simple. The duel is a contest of wills between two competitors.
– Each competitor is provided a cup of tea and their choice of biscuit.
– The competitors must hold the biscuit in a two-fingered hold. Any two fingers may be used.
– When instructed to dunk, the competitors must submerge at least 75% of the biscuit in the tea for a count of five and then pull the biscuit out of the drink. This is where the duel begins!
– The Winner is the last person to cleanly eat the entire biscuit without it breaking or falling apart. One elbow is allowed on the table as a steadying mechanism, but competitors may not use gravity to achieve their goal.

To find out more about the art of parasol duels have a look here:

Free Face Painting

Free Face painting will be offered. Queues can be quite long, so we appreciate your patience.

National Military Re-enactment Group

The National Military Re-enactment Group is a group of passionate living historians who aim to show, educate and tell the story of the military in the Victorian-era through static displays and re-enactments.

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